Meet The Founders and Family Directors

Cyril B. Romney

01 March, 1931 – 19 July 2007

The late Mr. Cyril B. Romney was the original founder of the Romney Group of Companies.  His academic background in Economics (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees), 27 years in the Civil Service, and 15 years  in the Legislative Council provided the well-rounded mindset and desire to start businesses that would help to service and shape today’s tourism and financial industries.  Mr. Romney is recognized locally and internationally for pioneering cruise tourism in the BVI in the late 1970’s, and while serving as Chief Minister of the territory in the mid-80’s, he is credited with creating the lucrative Financial Services Industry in the BVI that provides over 50% of Government revenue and 30% of the territory’s employment.

Patricia & Marian Romney

The two youngest daughters (with the support of their siblings and Mrs. Lillian Romney), continue their late Father’s mantra of providing a dedicated and loyal service for the cruise lines and organisations that Romney Associates has served over many years.  Marian is the Financial Director and Patricia, the Operations Director, have jointly led the family business for the past 15 years. Their knowledge and expertise within the tourism and consultancy industries continues to place Romasco Group as the leader in travel and tourism in the BVI.